Use Habits in your business

Engage the company with our climate challenge

Engaging challenges and friendly competition help you reduce your climate impact and train your coworkers. We help you with the preparations and the implementation.

Reduced climate impact

Tailored challenges and resulting statistics that are linked to your sustainability targets and certification work.

Attractive employer

Young talents increasingly look for employers that want to contribute positively to society. A climate challenge manifests your engagement and unites the organisation.

Stronger Brand

You will position and strengthen your brand image by communicating your climate challenge and obtained CO2e savings internally and externally.


How to get started

Contact us

We will customise the campaign according to your specific needs.

Set a target

We help you form teams and communicate the campaign internally and externally, coworkers and customers.

Start the climate challenge

We set up the web-app tool for your campaign and invite all participants.

How it’s done


Our web-app tool Habits manage the campaign automatically. New challenges every day, the coworkers can challenge their team.


We deliver statistics and data continually so that you know the status for me and my team. The result can be summarised on department, site, division and total company level and compared with the target.

Closure & next step

The campaign closes, with a final result and award ceremony. Did you reach your target? The statistics become a well-defined starting point in the continuous sustainability work. We deliver tools, statistics and support.